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Cooked Beetroot Salad: A Recipe

Chilly, crisp days; fresh warming foods shared from the heart!

Last week I had much to share, and while I was writing it, it somehow got lost in the waves! Ah, the lament of a new blogger! I will however include the same recipe today. It was enjoyed as a side dish in our cooking class number 3 (there are 6 in total).  It is a simple yet mouth-wateringly delicious Beetroot Salad. It was loved by all in the class and served with a warm yummie brown rice salad, tempeh spread, a salad of greens with oranges and a cashew orange sesame dressing! Here’s a photo of the offering!


1 bunch organic beetroot with stems and leaves removed
1 bunch chopped parsley leaves (I like mine very rich and tend to use 1 1/2 – 2 bunches)
2 tablespoons cold pressed olive oil
juice of 1-2 lemons
pinch or two of celtic sea salt

Wash and boil the beetroot until tender. Drain and set aside until they are cool enough for you to peel. I like to have them still warm or at least room temperature.

Cut the beetroot into wedges . Add parsley and dress with a splashing of olive oil, lemon juice and the salt. Very delicious!

If you love this recipe, you can find 88 similarly wonderful recipes that are nutrient dense and alkaline in my cookbook alkaline-alive.

Alkaline-Alive Talks and Classes in Adelaide

I love preparing for the classes that I hold in my home. Everyone has a station for peeling, chopping, grating, dicing, washing vegetables and rinsing the grains. We all (try to) cook with awareness and attention to the extraordinary bounty from Mother Earth, bringing the heart and devotion  into the preparation.

And finally we experience together the enjoyment of our efforts!

The cold weather did not seem to stop  health enthusiasts coming to  The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet,  an introduction  to my book Alkaline-Alive, and also to my book signings at Real Organics in Norwood and Mostly Books in the Mitcham Square. It was so heartwarming  to meet everyone, seeing all the new bright faces eager to enjoy health!