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Hoorah for New Life! Babies, sprouts and Sprouted Hummus: A Recipe.

Hello again my enthusiastic Alkaline eaters!

It has been 3 weeks since I have touched my keyboard I think the expression is AFK. Well life has taken over, literally. My home has been filled with the activity of the New and New life. A beautiful and tiny grand-daughter born on the 14th of July, a new home searched and found for the proud new family (my son, daughter-in-law and grand daughter), renovations starting on a new more functional kitchen! My home has been bursting with sweet newborn cries, food at all hours, abundant baby gazing and cuddling and many happy family visitors.

Our little (Sprout) Mila Maria!

So I thought it appropriate to cover a little on the topic of Sprouts!

Chick peas preparing to sprout.

To sprout chick peas place a cup of the chick peas in a wide necked jar. Wash 3 or 4 times then cover with water and allow to stand overnight in a dark place. In the morning drain,  place a gauze cover held in place with a rubber band, over the jar. Rinse the chick peas (in the Jar) with water 2-3 times, drain well and sit the jar at an angle to drain (as seen above).  Again place the jar in a dark place, washing the contents 2-3 times a day . After a day or so I place mine on the window sill to continue to sprout. They only take 2- 3 days.(all you need is a little shoot and they are ready)

The sprouted chick peas.


This recipe is raw and full of high nutrient density. Very cleansing and energising rich in vitamins C and B. When we make this at my cooking classes along side the cooked Hummus many prefer it’s fresh aliveness! Try it for your self and decide.

2 cups sprouted chick peas (organic)
1 cup toasted sesame seeds (organic and unhulled if possible)
1 or 2 umeboshi plums (refer to the benefits bellow)
1 or 2 cloves garlic
1 1/2 dessertspoons organic unhulled tahini
2 lemons squeezed
1 cup of best quality water or more as needed

Place all the ingredients in a blender or food processor adding the water a little at a time (more than 1 cup may be needed) until all well blended.

Because I like to use more of the whole sesame seeds and less of the tahini I prefer it a little chunky in texture and not completely smooth. Also using the whole sesame seeds and less of the paste is less processed and more healthful.

Delicious served with or over your favourite high nutrient dense salad and makes a complete meal. Great to take for work instead of bought low nutrient dense lunches.

Yummie and full of vitamins, enzymes and vitality!

Raw chickpea Hummus with delicious salad

In Praise of Umeboshi Plums

Tahini with 2 brands of umeboshi plums - 1 from a health store and 1 from an Asian shop.

Salty sour pickled plums from Japan and used greatly in Macrobiotic cooking. They have a highly alkalizing effect and are attributed the medicinal properties in the Orient of helping digestion, regulating the intestines and having antibiotic properties. It is said that the Ancient Samurais would eat one a day to keep weariness and fatigue at bay!

Winter Violets


O wind where have you been,
That you blow so sweet?
Among the Violets
Which blossom at your feet.

The honeysuckle waits
For Summer and for heat
But Violets the chilly Spring
Make the turf so sweet.


A Recipe for a Healthy Life AND for Coriander and Cashew Chutney

Healing beauty of Nature and a sunny bouquet just for you!


Here is my list of 10 things that will ensure a healthy, alkaline approach to life.

  • Eat a clean diet. Favour foods that are easy for the body to digest. For example, stay away as much as possible from saturated fats and refined oils.
  • For best nutrition eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • Eat whole grains rather than processed foods.
  • Buy organic foods as much as possible.
  • Eat a wide variety of plant protein -Dahls, beans and lentils. These are a great protein source without saturated fat.
  • Eat sprouts of all types. These are remarkable for cleansing and energy.
  • Chewing the food well also adds to alkalinity.
  • A little exercise daily to strengthen and cleanse the body of toxins. A half hour walk, yoga or rebounding is a necessary ingredient for healthy life.
  • Take time to reflect, smell the roses. Meditation, or time in nature will keep the inner body vital.
  • Thoughts of gratitude will do much to Alkalize the body and spirit.

More lovely shared times in the kitchen

Monday morning was an early start with a cooking class starting at 10 a.m, again at my home fires, in Adelaide!  There was much to prepare. I happily busied myself with the task, laying out all the food and  recipes .  Candles and flowers to delight the eye along with nature’s harvest of colourful, vibrant foods!

Enzamatic Raw Beetroot salad.

The  eager enthusiasts arrived for their second class.  Many healthy delights  were on the agenda- encore to beetroot this time — a raw beetroot salad, dhal pakoras with coriander cashew chutney, green salad medley, adzuki beans with onions, brown rice with amaranth,  baked sweet potatoes and steamed greens!

Dahl Pakoras with fresh coriander cashew chutney.

Ready to eat!

There was also flat green beans with ample garlic. Wow what a feast!

Fresh Coriander Chutney


2 bunches of coriander – use the leaves only
1/2 – 3/4 cup of raw cashew nuts
2cm piece of ginger, peeled and coarsley chopped
1 lime, juiced
2 – 3 drops Sunny dew * or 1/2 teaspoon raw honey
1/2- 1 cup best quality water

Adding a little water at a time, blend all the ingredients together.  You may not need to use the whole cup of water. The desired consistency is smooth and velvety. Not too thick and not too runny.

This life giving chutney goes wonderfully with the Dahl Pakoras , Vegetable Curries, Patties or as a simple dip or spread!  Try it, you’l love it!

Delicious recipes to go with this High Nutrient Dense chutney can be found in my cookbook alkaline-alive.  All the dishes we enjoyed for our lunch  (as above) are waiting on the pages to be enjoyed by you!