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Hello 2012 – a great time to Alkalize this New Year in! Watermelon a Top Alkalizer!

Organic and seeded watermelon!

Happy peaceful, prosperous and healthful Year to all.  This time of the year the body has generally taken a beating with rich, heavy and acidic foods that we tend to eat over Christmas and New Year.

How to know if your body has EXCESS ACID WASTE (acidic): Observing your own body symptoms is by far the best way. Ask yourself the question: “How do I feel?”
If you have been eating mainly cheeses,meats, fish, white flour foods, breads,white sugary foods,chocolate, coffee, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and greasy take away foods  you may find that your body will be telling you with one or some of the following symptoms.
heartburn,bad temper, constipation, acid reflux,bloating, diarrhoea, excess mucus,dizziness, indigestion,irregular heartbeat, joint pains,mild headaches,low energy,panting breath,muscular pain, white coated tongue and other first symptoms of over-acidic
If these are not attended to then more serious symptoms can occur and finally very advanced symptoms such as Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis,Hodgkin’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis to name a few.

THE ANTIDOTE is Alkaline producing lifestyle and FOODS! The highest alkalizers  are  meditation/prayer,kind loving thoughts/actions- these are the best mind foods to digest . The top 2 Alkalising body foods are lemons and watermelons. These have a count of 7.5 alkalinity! What better food to have during the hot summer months!

A one or 2 day watermelon fast can cool the system and bring it back to balance.
Summer is also a perfect time of the year for those who are not faint hearted to do a yearly watermelon fast for several days.  Or simply try a generous slice for breakfast followed by a clean high nutrient dense diet for the rest of the day. A week or month(depending how acidic the system is) on this regime will make a considerable improvement and put a spring in your step again!   Remember watermelon must be eaten on it’s own and 30-40 minutes before other food.

What is essential in our watermelon days is to purchase the Organic Seeded variety and chew those black seeds well they are magic medicine for those lagging bodies!

So enjoy your watermelon summer days. Watermelon  A SUPERFOOD!