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Goodbye old kitchen – welcome camp out cooking. Brown Rice and Black Lentil Congee: A Recipe

Goodbye  my old kitchen that served me so well!  Hello to camping at home with the gas burner and welcome slow cooker.

Well I had very mixed feelings the day they began to pull my old kitchen apart. Even though there was excitement and glee about finally having an excellent working kitchen for my cooking classes and healthy alkaline food training, I felt a certain tenderness like saying goodbye to a dear friend.

So after the initial visitation of confusion and however am I going to continue to eat fresh  easy Alkaline meals on a one ring gas burner or in a slow cooker, I began to organize and take stock of my situation!  This would be a new challenge and perhaps one that could help you, my dear enthusiastic healthy food lover, in the journey of preparing simple delicious one pot cooking. So the first step was to set up some little station of order in chaotic disorder!  To fill you in a little more, it’s not just the kitchen that is being totally renovated, also the laundry, the outside service area, fences and more, so the rear of the home is rather like a war zone!

Here's the kitchen now- not a pretty sight!

So I need a healing dish with life, lot’s of energising life. What could be more healing right now, energising, and would virtually cook by itself whilst I slept or went out for the day, than a congee. Brown rice is full of goodness and the black lentils would give me the protein stamina . Also I had sprouted some wheat and with freshly picked greens (this day it was parsley) from my garden, this dish would be perfect!  A delicious meal to ground me amidst the chaos. Yes, brown rice and black lentil congee would do the trick!

The congee served with sprouted wheat and fresh garden parsley leaves

Brown Rice and Black Lentil Congee: A Recipe

Ingredients:  1 cup organic brown rice
1/3 rd cup black lentils
5 cups best quality alkaline-water
1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds

1 teaspoon of ghee – optional (I make my own ghee from raw cream, which I churn into butter then ghee. It’s delicious and well worth the effort)

Wash the rice and the lentils separately  3 to 4 times stirring gently with your hands in a clockwise (or anti clockwise ) direction. Whatever direction you choose make sure you continue as it creates coherence not only in the grain but also assists in the settled coherence of the cook.  After each washing strain so that the water is removed and wash again.
When the rice and lentils have been so washed place them together in a slow cooker (or in a saucepan or baking dish, both must have a lid.)  Add the 5 cups of water , the seeds and if you choose a pinch of celtic sea salt.
Turn the heat to slowest setting and allow to cook overnight. I cook mine in the oven on 100C  the lowest setting and when I am ready to have breakfast it awaits me. The aroma when one enters the kitchen first thing in the a.m. is exquisite, so full of earthy comfort. As I cooked mine this time whilst renovations are under way, the sweet smell floated through the garden as I walked out to greet the morning. Ah lovely! And to add to the sheer delightful earthiness I topped mine with the ghee, sprouted wheat and lots of fresh parsley picked straight from my garden pots!

A Early Spring Bush Walk among the Wattle

With all the renovations  going on around me I got out of the house and headed for the hills to find some sweet quiet.  The wattle is in bloom, furry friends and I enjoy a mass of colour in the earliest days of South Australian Spring.

I encountered a friendly Kangaroo as we both enjoyed the warm sunshine and the exquisite Australian flowering bushes!

Winter is not yet gone- but now
The birds are carolling from the bough.
And the mist has rolled away
Leaving more beautiful the day.
The sun is out – O come with me
To look upon the wattle tree!

Let misers hoard and hide their gold;
Here there is treasure-trove untold,
In yellow blossom mass on mass
Spread out for wayfarers who pass
With hearts to feel, and eyes to see
How lovely is the wattle tree.

O strange, O magical! to forget
For a moment care and fret,
Whilst the next spirit, like a cup
Drained of delight, again fills up
And overflows with ecstacy
Before the miracle of the tree.

And rich and poor, who pause to bless
The shinning tree in thankfulness,
Are bound in fellowship indeed.
What matter politics or creed,
Or class or colour? surely he
Loves mankind who loves a Tree!

extract taken from  The Wattle Tree  by Australian poet DORA WILCOX

emember dear friends it’s  very Alkalising for the body, and healing for heart, mind and spirit, to leave  the hustle of the city and open the wonders of Nature!